Hi, I'm Jess!

i'm a...

🤍 Nature loving
🤍 Mom of all girls
🤍 Teacher-turned-Copywriter

...From Birmingham, Alabama

I started my


writing services in the fall of

2017 after two events in my life intersected...



My family desperately needed to reset. So we sold nearly all of our possessions, left our friends, extended family, my teaching job, everything familiar - and we moved across the country from Colorado to sweet home Alabama. 

I started writing a lot to process all the big changes. What started as a hobby evolved into a blogging business, which in turn, fueled a couple of sparks within me - my love of writing and entrepreneurship!

my family!

I quickly found that my


place is writing and creating content...

...from blog posts to email sequences to social media content – and everything in between. Also, the teacher in me LOVES planning and strategizing and helping others!

I naturally began to teach my new online friends how to use content marketing strategies to grow their following.

Eventually, I followed my entrepreneur dreams, fulfilled my passion for writing, and stayed true to my teaching heart by starting a virtual business dedicated to helping other online business owners with effective content marketing and copywriting.

Today my mission is to serve purpose-driven entrepreneurs who want to share their unique value and gifts with the world!

I communicate their message to attract, nurture, and convert their dream clients with high-impact written content and strategy that sets their brand apart in this noisy digital world!

get to know me

Get to know me


Although an introvert at heart I love the extroverts that bring adventure into my life - like my husband Jeremy. He’s always up for exploring and trying new things!

If I could, I’d go camping in the Rocky Mountains every weekend. This is where I grew up and it’s where I feel most at peace and at home.

I have a plant in every room in my house. I would build my home right around a tree if I could!

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