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sales email series template

The "Sales Email Series Template Bundle" will help entrepreneurs fast-track the process of getting a sales email series written -

and written WELL - so products and services can be shared in a way that has their email audiences scrolling straight to the "BUY NOW" button.

This bundle includes 9 different fill-in-the-blank templates, each designed to address a specific stage in the buyer's journey:

$37 →

Sales Email Series Template Bundle

-The "What Is It" Email
-The "Who Is This Offer For" Email
-The "Why Buy From Me" Email
-The "What Are the Results/ Benefits" Email
-The "Why Now" Email
-The "Look Into the Future" Email
-The "FAQ" Email
-The "Countdown" Email
-The "Doors Are Closing" Email
-Templates are designed for use by service-based AND product-based entrepreneurs. Mix and match to create a custom sales sequence, or use all nine to launch an offer.

Links to editable google documents are included for each template.

For limited time only, template bundles are on sale for $37, regular price $47!